Our Story

At Reine AMINA, our philosophy is simple, we are a glamorous affair where self-love begins.  We have created the perfect space for celebrating yourself, because we believe everyone should be bougie now and then. 

‘’There is royalty in each of us, but the visibility of your crown depends on how much you believe in it.’’
-Reine AMINA

We’re Passionate About YOU

We’re passionate about our beauty services. We want to help women look their best, even when they are chillin’ with no make-up on because that's when you're the prettiest or whatever Drake said. We want our #ReineRoyale looking a ten from their nails to lashes to skin to their physique. 

‘‘You can be anything, so always be a showstopper!’’
-Reine AMINA

We’ve made it our mission to elevate every aspect of The Reine AMINA experience for our #ReineRoyale. Each part of the beauty spa was designed with elegant and instagrammable decor. We offer state of the art FDA approved equipment, premium products, and high sterilizations standards. Reine AMINA ensures the utmost perfection with our #ReineRoyale safety and comfort in mind. 

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The Reine AMINA Mission